Corporate Governance

Board Structure

When implementing the rights and obligations of the Shareholders the holding company Garant Group UAB sets strategic goals and objectives, supervises their implementation, analyses and aims to improve operating efficiency of the companies that are part of the Group.

As a holding company Garant Group develops general direction of development and functioning for the entire holding. A holding company ensures coherence and synergies between the companies of the Group, which together constitute a single whole. Garant Group via its subsidiary Garant ensures accessibility of human resource, legal, financing, risk management, marketing and other key fields for Group of Companies in order to improve efficiency of activities.

Shareholders of Garant Group
Implementation of Shareholders rights
Garant Group UAB
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Garant UAB
Holding managment
Group of Companies

Garant Group governance structure consists of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board and the Management represented by Chief Executive Officer.

Garant Group
The Board
The four-members Board is elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The Board supervises the performance of the Garant Group holding company, its management and organization on behalf of the shareholder and determines the group’s strategy in line with the goals and targets set by the Shareholders. The Board controls the activities of the Group’s companies, their strategies and performance targets.