About Us

Working in the marine industry requires us to be quick, flexible, and have absolute trust and respect for people. We live these values, both at work with colleagues and partners and at home with our families. Garant Group knows how fast the world and circumstances can change, and we are 100% ready to adapt quickly. We are captivated by new challenges and unique solutions. We deeply value every customer and team member because people are our main strength.



Make thoughtful decisions

Acknowledge my actions

Take care of the environment


Provide and ask for help

Exchange information and knowledge


Express my thoughts and ideas

Ask when it is unclear

Share and accept opinions



Goal oriented

Plan and implement

Inspire others


Accomplish tasks accurately
and on time

Use resources properly


Use and offer advanced solutions

Seeking self-improvement


Open to change

React quickly to changing



Communicate concisely                           

Provide valid arguments
in discussions

Aspire to mutually beneficial solutions



Maintain inner confidence

Adapt to significant changes

Our history

Our history began in 1990 when Vasilij Pigarev founded Garant company, which started its mission with servicing and repairing ships in Klaipeda port. In 30 years we have opened offices in Riga, Kaliningrad, Las Palmas, and have grown from a small enterprise into a large international family-run business. Our warehouses/distribution centers are located on every continent of the world.

The history of the Garant Group as a ship repair service began here.

We opened several divisions with professional divers.

Safety, firefighting, and technical ship equipment departments were founded. Safety and marine supplies divisions were founded.

We opened office in Kaliningrad, Russia.

New office established in Riga, Latvia.

To improve efficiency, Garant was reorganized into separate companies according to their functions.

We became a family-run business as Vasilij Pigarev handed over the management of Garant Group to his sons, Aleksandr and Sergej.

We opened a warehouse in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The Garant trademark was renewed.

We added a new rep office in Las Palmas, Spain, to our map.

The Baltic Worker crane ship was welcomed to the family. We improved operational efficiency.

A separate trademark, Garant Boats & Yachts, was launched.

We've created and patented a new brand of mooring ropes, Amber.

The new company, Garant Protech was established.

Opened a warehouse in Busan, South Korea.

Our new distribution centers are now located in Singapore, Singapore, and Houston, USA.

We opened a warehouse in Montreal, Canada.

A service station in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, was established to survey the rescue and firefighting equipment.

Founder’s words

Vasilij Pigarev, Chairman of the Board
Vasilij Pigarev, Chairman of the Board
Dear Partners,

All these years our mission has been to be a reliable partner ensuring the superior quality of service to our Good Customers.

Our dedicated team of professionals has a strong will and capacity to take up any challenge. We enjoy our work and find quality solutions that always meet our Customer expectations.

Go on a journey and be sure — Your Ships are in Expert Hands!

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