VIPER Steel wire ropes cleaning & lubrication services

Our Mooring & Lifting expert team is ready to clean and lubricate your steel wire ropes with the Automatic Viper Wire Rope Lubricator system. Just in ONE PASS.

In the video below Our Head of Production Kęstutis demonstrates how it actually works.

✅ Superfast
✅ Reducing manpower costs - 1 person to operate
✅ Very safe – no direct contact with the lubricant
✅ Thorough - due to the special seal design lubricant is massaged into the rope structure
✅ Clean & green – no leakage & wastage

Thorough lubrication is essential for the health of your wires. Though, it is hard to achieve manually. Using a brush or spatula the result is superficial and messy. A very small amount of lubricant can get to the CORE of the wire rope.

The automatic process allows for deeper penetration of the lubricant.
It is even more enhanced with a special VIPER SEAL:

✅ The material and internal design of the seal allow it to mold to the shape of the rope. This creates a pumping action, massaging lubricant into the rope.

✅ The seal molds to the rope. It means there is constant contact with the wire rope. It guarantees consistent lubrication.

The result is thorough lubrication. It prolongs life and ensures the health of the wire rope.

Viper system CLEANS and LUBRICATES wire ropes from 6mm to 165mm.

Wire rope cleaning & lubrication services for your cranes, crane vessels, and lifting equipment in the ports of the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) within 2-3 working days.
If you wish to reduce risk and save time, money, and manpower while safeguarding your wire ropes, we are at your service. 
Pikasoma Marine Supplies is an official distributor and service provider of an automatic Viper Wire Rope lubrication system.