Steel wire ropes cleaning & lubrication services

  • Clean & lubricate 200 m per 10 mins
  • Be safe – no direct contact with the lubricant
  • Save manpower costs by up to 90%- 1 person to operate
  • Prolong your rope life with automated thorough lubrication
  • Stay clean & green – no leakage & wastage
Steel wire ropes cleaning & lubrication services
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Every gram of grease goes on the wire rope

PIKASOMA Marine Supplies provides fast, safe and effective cleaning and lubrication services for your wire ropes using automatic Viper Wire Rope lubricating system. Viper system CLEANS and LUBRICATES wire ropes from 6 mm (1/4”)  to 165 mm (6-1/2”).


Comparing to the manual work that takes up to 4 hours to grease 200 meters of wire rope, automatic Viper System lubricates 200 meters in 10 minutes

Thorough lubrication

Wire rope lubricant reduces corrosion and mechanical wear on the wire ropes, minimising the chances of rope failure. Automation makes it perfect. No human error involved when, typically, only coats the outer wires. As a result, Viper System provides precise lubrication which increases rope life time by 300 percent (%).

Saving costs by up to 90%

Opposite to the manpower with 2-3 persons involved, it requires only 1 person to operate. Using Viper you reduce labour costs by up to 90 percent (%)

Safe job

The system is very safe as operator does not get a direct contact with the lubricant. The rope can be lubricated from a safe distance.

Clean & Green

We do care about the environment. All excess lubricant is captured and may be re-used. So, no wastage occurs. The system does not leak that means no mess on board.


If you wish to reduce risk, save time, money and manpower while safeguarding your wire ropes, we are at your service. Wire ropes cleaning & lubricating services for your cranes, crane vessels and lifting equipment in the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) within 2-3 working days.

Contact: +370 699 49482,

PIKASOMA MARINE SUPPLIES is an official distributor and service provider
of an automatic Viper Wire Rope lubricating system in the Baltics