Windlass repair for a container ship

Windlass is a piece of critical equipment for mooring and anchoring operations. It is exposed to heavy weather, seawater, humidity, and other various stresses. Windlass must be well maintained at all times to ensure it’s running properly.

Recently, our Maintenance & Repair division (GARANT SERVICE) has completed windlass maintenance works for a container ship in Klaipėda. Vessel's port side windlass sleeve bronze bushing worn off. To protect the winch axel from damages, the winch mooring side was disassembled and repair was carried out.

Windlass repair was done in one shift during loading operation, without interrupting the busy ship’s schedule.

For time-constrained projects, communication & teamwork is the key. Our expert team was provided with all the necessary information from the client prior to accessing the ship. Such a smooth communication allowed us to plan our actions and prepare all the required equipment without outsourcing from the vessel.

Usually windlass failures happen due to insufficient lubrication or inappropriate care. Want to ensure your windlass works smoothly? There is the main thing to be noted:

The brake test and all maintenance of the windlass should be carried out according to the maker’s maintenance instructions.

 Here are 6 more essential tips to keep you windlass operational: 

  • Lubrication. Check the level of oil, greasing points. It should coat all rubbing surfaces
  • Check for leakages in the main/servo system
  • Inspect and retighten all electrical connections. Make sure they are secure and free of corrosion
  • Inspect the brake drum, check if it’s not worn out or damaged. It should be free of oil, grease, and other deposits
  • Cleaning and painting. Clean the brake periodically with a solvent prescribed by the maker
  • Periodically check the securing device of the tension spring for any tamper.

GARANT SERVICE solves such and similar cases almost daily.  Our extensive experience allows a smooth and quick service with an excellent end-result.