We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary


Early 90s. An experienced engineer Vasilij Pigarev resigns from his job at Klaipėda shipyard No. 7. Тhe times weren’t most  favourable in the maritime community: port services restructuring left many people out of job.

Along with the number of ships calling the port of Klaipėda, the need for high-quality ship repairs was growing rapidly. The shipyard was busy with reorganization and was unable to effectively serve the incoming fleet. Following his passion for the sea and a sincere desire to help, Vasilij organized his own ship repair crew.

He named their venture GARANTIJA (English “Guarantee”), which became a prototype of GARANT company. A reliable team of 6 skilled engineers were eager to take on each new project and carefully repaired any engine breakdown.

Soon experienced divers, safety service engineers and supply managers were joining the company. The goal was to provide a full range of services so that vessel’s crew could return to their homes safely and on time.

To boost the company’s growth, Vasilij’s two sons were joining soon. GARANT extended its activities far beyond the port of Klaipėda and has become a dynamic international family-run GROUP of companies.

We have come a long way. And today we are celebrating 30 years of being on board with solutions with

  • 250 dedicated employees
  • offices and distribution points in 9 different countries
  • 4500 completed projects worldwide
  • and 2000 ships served annually.

And it became only possible with genuine trust and support of our employees, customers and partners.
Thank You for being together!