WÄRTSILÄ RT-FLEX two-stroke engine overhaul/maintenance completed in 17 days

Wärtsilä 8RT-FLEX68-D is one of the largest two-stroke engines in the world. Our mobile Ship Maintenance & Repair division team (Garant Service) successfully performed a smooth replacement of 7-cylinder liners and piston crowns for it.

 The service was carried out onboard the containership while on anchorage in the port of Singapore. Such vessels usually run on a very tight schedule. The team lead’s excellent project management and rigorous work organization allowed to complete the required maintenance in only 17 days. The vessel was ready to safely continue its operations without major interruption.

 During the maintenance, the team of 3 expert engineers effectively completed:

  • replacement of seven cylinders’ liners, each 4,4 tons weight
  • overhaul of pistons and piston rod gland
  • replacement of exhaust valves.

 All components were disassembled and inspected. The general condition of the engine parts was checked. All pieces that required replacement were replaced and assembled back according to the OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) instructions. The works were carried out following the service manual and under the supervision of Wärtsilä representative.

 Replacements for such size engines are not a usual occurrence. They demand unique expertise, attention to details, following safe job procedures, and operational teamwork. Our dedicated engineers worked hard to complete the maintenance for our client on-time.

The engine now works perfectly assuring reliability and safety for the whole vessel and its crew. By bringing older installations up to today’s technical standards, we extend the engine’s lifecycle, improve the vessel’s performance and operational efficiency.