Values unwrapped


30 years of experience has made a solid base to crystalize and enhance our work and life principles. Even though Trust & Respect, Dynamics and Flexibility have always been at the heart of our team, we wondered if all of us equally understand what exactly do they mean?

11 months ago we engaged in one special activity. Through creative interaction we were unwrapping the meaning of our 3 values. Brainstorming and discussing we came up with a collection of specific characteristics and behavior patterns for each of those:

  •  You can trust us because we operate responsibly with all care for the planet
  • We collaborate with an open heart and mind
  • Challenging projects inspire us to apply advanced techniques and tactics to complete them wisely
  • With our fast reaction and aspiration for mutually beneficial solutions we are ready to assist you in each unique case.

 To allow our beliefs grow stronger into the company‘s DNR, we gave them a form. 3 different colors and 3 different shapes connected into one unique symbol. From now on, they mark a solid foundation of our company assuring to move on with a greater passion and confidence. 

For us, values is a guide in making decisions in times of controversy and uncertainty. It is a main engine that drives us onwards. Knowing how to behave allows us to live our values and not just state them.