Saving 150 lives

Happy to help protect 150 people! Our GARANT SAFETY team recently assisted our valued partner VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S on a large service project:
🟠 special vessel turning around operation at the port of Klaipeda

🟠 liferaft system removal from the ship with a crane

🟠 transportation to our Klaipeda fully equipped safety station

🟠 assistance to the VIKING team during a 150-person liferaft inspection

🟠 successful completion of the project and liferaft transportation back to the vessel
We must admit it wasn't a simple project due to its size and specifics. For instance, the size of the liferaft required light modifications to our station setup.

However, it was a very interesting and beneficial experience for our engineers. 
Thank you, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S for your trust and the great opportunity.