Lifeboat hull repair, reassembly and test during COVID-19


Garant Group Safety division team completed the required testing of the totally enclosed lifeboat to verify its successful repair after the severe damage. The lifeboat static test and the tests of its on-load release gear were witnessed by the class surveyor to conclude: lifeboats is ready for operation.

Initially, the lifeboat suffered the damage to structural reinforcement in the area of release hook mounting base. The boat was loaded off the vessel in Antwerp (BE) where our engineers planned to conduct the repair. However, due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 and the following various restrictions, the lifeboat was transported to our specialized workshop in Klaipeda (LT).

The fiberglass hull and canopy were fully restored to the required technical parameters, release gear hook and its components were tested by non-destructive methods in the certified lab. The boat was reassembled and eventually tested.

After all works it was delivered to the parent vessel of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company that has entrusted us with this challenging repair. We highly appreciate their cooperation and support during the execution of this project. We also express gratitude to Klaipedos Smelte LKAB​ Container Terminal (KSCT) that have facilitated the lifeboat testing at their premises.

 We are proud of our team that managed to arrange and perform the repair in due time and within the budget despite the major impact of COVID-19.

The dynamic changes had to be followed by a flexible approach. It was only possible through mutual trust within the team, our customers, and partners.