In-house spud pull platform repair & spud cone wire sheave bore restoring


 When we got an urgent phone call from our customer, the backhoe dredger could not continue its operations. Promptly our specialists came onboard for injury inspection. A part of the spud pull platform was severely damaged and couldn’t be restored. Our professionals cut off the broken part onboard the vessel and transported it to our workshop for utilization.

 A new part of spud pull platform had to be manufactured. The team consisting of еxpert technologist and project manager carefully studied customer specific drawings and collected the needed materials according to the class specifications.

 In our production workshop a new piece for the platform was fabricated in shortest time possible. In 5 days the new part was ready and successfully mounted on the vessel by skilled welders. All works were done according to class requirements and procedures.

For the same dredger, while repairing two wire sheaves in our workshop, we had to replace the bushings to standard sizes. After the inspection, it was found that the bushings did not meet the size requirements. The wear was out of limits and the surface had to be welded for further machining down to nominal diameter.

 To our client’s surprise we could take care of it right away in our workshop. Our boring machine was used to restore bore of the wire sheave to a nominal size for use with standard bushings.

Under rigorous supervision of our skilled technologists and by utilizing our boring machine, we were able to complete the repair in the fastest way.