In-house production of preventer guys for cargo derrick


Does anyone remember what the derrick is?

We do remember and are producing preventer guys and other rigging materials for them.

Derrick is a lifting device usually found aboard of old school cargo and fishing ships. Preventer guy is a wire rope ensuring a safe working load relative to the stress imposed on the derrick during loading and unloading. The production of preventer guys is а very time-consuming process and quite a few makers are able to undertake such projects.

At Garant Group, we are driven by challenges and are sensitive to our customer’s needs.

With all confidence in our in-house knowhow we are producing preventer guys for fishing vessels in our workshop. The products are manufactured under RMRS Class, strictly following all safety and health precautions. 

Our expertise and passion to what we are doing allow us to take care of your vessels implementing non-standard solutions.