Help Wherever You Need It: Fast & Smooth from Klaipėda to Sillamäe

The fault occurred on a bulk carrier when unloading the cargo in the port of Klaipėda. Part of the vessel’s cargo could not be unloaded due to the failure of the hatch cover’s electronic system. 

Our Maintenance & Repair division reacted to the situation and quickly organized automation and electronic specialists for attendance. The arriving electricians inspected the fault and opened the hatch covers through emergency mode. Our experts also instructed the ship's crew on how to safely close and open the hatch covers until the problem is solved. 

After а quick troubleshooting and determining the list of needed spare parts, the vessel was able to continue her route to the port of Sillamäe, Estonia. Meantime, we collected all the parts locally and outlined a clear action plan for the works. As soon as the ship arrived, the specialists came on board and finished the repairs. 

In case of emergencies - rapid reaction, clear communication, and expertise matters. As a result, all loading operations went smoothly. Our customer did not face ship delay in any of the ports.