Underwater hull cleaning & propeller polishing for a tanker vessel


BARNACLES are marine encrusters, attaching themselves temporarily to a hard substrate. In the case of ships, they are classified as fouling organisms.

Sailing in warm water speeds up the process of marine fouling of a hull. As a result, soon our partner vessel lost her speed by 2,5 knots.

The tanker was quite large. In order to restore vessel's efficiency we carried out underwater hull cleaning & propeller polishing.

Employing our new BrushKart with scrappers allowed a thorough cleaning of a hull. Within only 40 hours our 5 experienced divers cleaned 20 cm height of fouling.
The total weight of barnacles amounted to 10 tons!

Special hydraulic equipment was used to polish 3 bladed propeller.

 More project figures:

✔️ Tanker length - 275 m
✔️ Hull cleaning area - 19 000 m2
✔️ Propeller diameter - 9 m.

The amount and size of barnacles that cover ships negatively impact their efficiency.
Regular underwater ship maintenance helps keep your vessel regular speed and minimizes fuel consumption.