The restoration of shredder shaft

Our Maintenance & Repair division performed service works for an industrial project in Vilnius, Lithuania. The request was to replace the bearings. Yet, after further inspection, our engineers found a fault in a shredder shaft. 


The purpose of this part of the equipment is to remove the packaging from the expired products. It cleans the container waste shred, separates the debris, and shreds it into smaller pieces to recycle the materials.  Soon after receiving the request, the three-person team were ready to restore the shredder shaft to its maximum efficiency.

Starting with the 3D scanning, our technologist inspected and measured the equipment to determine the condition of the shredder shaft and prepare for works. 3D (laser) scanning allows operators to inspect the parts quickly and accurately and serves as a visual guide for sketching the engineering drawing.

After the inspection, replacement of the bearings and creation of the engineering drawings, step two began. Thus, the team started to coordinate the production for the shredder shaft’s broken parts. All components were produced in-house – in our workshop in Klaipėda. Our in-house production ensures the parts for your equipment are there on time, thus saving you a headache. 


Repaired parts:  

- Pulleys

- Axis  

- Shaft tube 

- Lower unit with bearings 

- Panels 

- Lower guides

- Knives with holders


The project was completed quickly and operationally, with no overdue interruptions to the equipment’s work schedule. We were glad to receive positive feedback from the client.