Quay reconstruction and berth deepening works in the port of Klaipėda


What a catch! A giant stone of 8 tons extracted from the waters of Klaipėda harbor as a result of berth deepening works. Its dimensions are 2,3 x 1,7 m and height is about 1,30 m.

This time we are a part of quay reconstruction project with a major contractor JSC BMGS company.

The harbor deepening works near the quay are not limited to just using special machines. While powerful excavators intended to withdraw the soil cannot go as near as 2-4 meters to the quay, the soil prism is left. This time it was up to 4 m height and 3 m width.

Due to the region specifics, Klaipėda harbor soil is hard. To remove the soil prism, just having a special equipment is not enough. With our strong divers using high pressure pumps it is possible to wash away the excess soil to the specially made trench.

After the pump performance, a soil pile sometimes is still there, as not all the soil gets into the trench by the water stream. Eventually, with our multipurpose crane vessel BALTIC WORKER we completely evened the bottom with the grab.

As a result of the whole project the berth was deepened by 4,5 meters at the length of 340 meters.