Putting the pipeline with our multipurpose crane vessel BALTIC WORKER


Palanga is the biggest resort in Lithuania near the Baltic Sea. And it is the second time when our underwater works division participates in the beach nourishment project for the resort.

The purpose of the project is to bring the washed sand from the shore back to the beach.

 This time we had an effective collaboration with а major contractor Jan De Nul Group where our multipurpose crane vessel BALTIC WORKER served well. It took 2 weeks to complete our part of the project.

 In order to nourish the beach, 1,5 km of steel pipeline was assembled. Our task was to put the pipeline at the bottom of the sea not far from the shore. On the day when weather conditions were favorable, BALTIC WORKER headed to Palanga from the port of Klaipėda. With the help of our multipurpose crane vessel, we took the pipeline safely to the sea and drown it in the way that one end of the pipe was in the sea while the other was left on the beach. 

Our vessel’s maneuverability and shallow draft allows us to work on shallow waters and was perfect for this kind of works. With special equipment, the sand was taken from the sea bottom and delivered to the beach through the pipeline.